How To Release KiT Album


This is a physical album and video that you listen to on a smart device.
In addition to the album, you can produce various contents such as concert videos, OSTs, audiobooks, and web novels as KiTs.
As a KiT Producer, release Producer's own KiT Album, which has both use value and holding value.

STEP 1. Please design the KiT Album

The exterior and components of the KiT Album include Air-KiT, Case, Square cards, and Photo cards. According to the design guide, make the exterior design attractive that determines the first impression of the album.
If not for registration made -- design forms can be. Please follow Design Guide before production, please.

Step 2. Increase the value of your content

Before registering the contents, please check the kit producer policy! Policies and Guidelines
*There is no limit to adding all content.
The album name
Please register the album name. Please feel free to write down the album name, but if English is mixed, it is recommended to classify it in parentheses.
Expected release date
The scheduled release date is recommended after 14 days based on the album release application date.
Cover photo
Album cover images are used inside sales and kit players. It can be a different design from the exterior design of the album. (We recommend uploading at least 1200x1200px high definition photos.)
Music Contents
Please check the following when registering the song.
Please upload at least one.
The producer must own all copyrights for album distribution, and please click here for more information.
Please upload the normally registered song.
Uploading the file.
Song title. (English title is optional)
Is it the main title?
Content release status.
Digital Image
Please upload at least one picture. It doesn't have to be a concept photo or an album jacket photo. Please register as much as you want to see the producer's revealing the producer's personality.
Video contents
Please register video content related to the album and songs, such as music video and YouTube content.
Please check the following when registering.
You have to upload at least one video content.
Please upload the video file.
Please write down the title of the video. (English title is optional)
Please check the contents release status.
Information change after information registration requires an approval process. Album release approval takes up to three days. Once the approval is completed, the album will be released on the album release date you entered and registered with the kit player. Please wait until it's approved!
The content you registered will be included in the kit album and will be available to album buyers after release on the kit player. The more "Only Kit" content that can only be found in the kit album, the higher the value of the album's collection.
What is Only KiT content?
It refers to content that cannot be viewed on other content platforms (YouTube, Spotify, etc.) and can only be viewed on kit albums.
When setting up the only kit, you can receive up to 10% more settlement from the producer's basic return.
Please register special content that can only be viewed from the kit album. Fans are waiting for special content that is only on your phone!
Only KiT content setting is possible inside the screen.