Do you want to increase the return on KiT Album sales to the maximum?

If you meet all the preferential return, you can receive an additional 40% of the basic return.
Launch the KiT Album that meets the conditions below!
(The condition below is the minimum condition, and there is no restriction on additional uploads.)

Additional rate of return on the album.

The maximum return on the album is 25%, which is the maximum when the conditions below are met.

More than 3 songs from Only KiT
Two or more Only KiT videos
More than 4 instrumental
Please leave more than 5 producer comments

Producer's additional rate of return.

The producer's additional rate of return varies depending on the Badge granted and the maximum is 20%.

This applies in common whenever the producer releases an album. (Additional returns will apply for all albums when more than two albums are released.)
The additional rate of return by Badge is as follows. (You can get Badge after at least one album is released.)
Cold Badge(0~999 points) : 0%
Mild Badge(999~1999 points) : 5%
Warm Badge(2000~2999 points) : 10%
Hot Badge(3000 points~) : 20%
Points by activity are as follows, and accumulated points are reset on the 1st of every month.
Writing a post in KiTTOR Community : 250p per piece
Comments (Your posts and fans' posts): 50p (per piece)
KiTTORing (video call with fans): 1000p (per session)